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Have just been kicked from GW2 and when I logged in it appeared to have rolled back. Had just completed Frostgorge Sound prior to the kick-out and got my reward ( something useful, for a change, and worth 1 gold, 30 silver on TP). This is now not in my inventory and I need to complete the area again. Any chance of recovery ?

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We are very sorry, but we are not able to replace items or gold in these situations. In most cases, any sort of “roll back” is of a few minutes’ duration. The most recent one that I remember lasted 20 minutes. It’s unfortunate that in that period there may be a loss here and there, and of course it’s especially irritating when it happens to you!

Those of you having continuing connection issues, I’d like to ask that you post in the Technical Support Sub-Forum. There are a couple of existing threads, so if you’re issue falls into that area — if you’re getting error 7.XX, for instance, please add to that thread so the team can keep an eye on the situation and help you directly.

Thank you for understanding.