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I sometimes notice that the sound effects of pets is extremely high compared to all other effects arround me.
Especially the wings of the fire summon or the dog pets are very loud. It can be my pet or from another player doesn’t matter. Adjusting volume settings in the options did not affect those sounds much. I had to decrease the volume down to 10% so it is not annoying anymore but that makes the rest almost “silenced”.

Is that just me? I could hear the lady with the dog at the Mad Kings Labyrinth from afar before her dog was actually next to me.

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Today’s patch notes did not mention it, but a fix was introduced for the issue where movement sounds from Ranger pets, Necromancer minions and Elementalists’ summoned elementals would on occasion fail to respect the Master Volume and Effect Volume faders in the Sound Options panel.

If anyone happens to encounter this issue from now onward, please reply to this thread with any more information.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post about this very annoying issue!