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So, I have a question about what is to follow the trial. Clearly, as already seen by how fast paids be a poppin’, the 1v1 approach is the way to go. You have introduced a large number of players to paids that would normally not play it. There is barely any time between queue and pop.

Where I think we should go is here:

  • 1 team v 1 team stays
  • Map is randomly chosen from the 4 maps
  • 1 ticket cost stays, rewards stay (edit: maybe copper chest for losing is a bit much at such a low cost)
  • Once per week there is a timed event for tournament style paids. Entry fee is 5 tickets and functions just like old paids did. Rewards will be similar to previous paid version.
  • Introduce matchmaking. This should be easily (or easier) accomplished with only 1v1. I imagine a matchmaking system trying to match 40 people of like skill is pretty difficult.

What are your thoughts?

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Great thread. We’d love to hear some feedback from you guys. Just wanted you to know we’re watching the forums and looking for feedback!