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i havnt has so much fun on this game. this has been a awesome day great games all day.

you guys did some weird stuff to start the patch but u changed that real fast ty thats what we need big mistakes fixed ASAP.

now after this week is up is it possible to put the 1 team v 1 team paid matchmaking in for good and put ALL 5 MAPS in the rotation. let us have all 5 maps for variety i dont care if some ppl dont like so and so map all 5 is great we should get good at what u guys worked on.

and for the paid 8 full team tournaments can you make those cost 1 ticket and u get 1 qp for winning. we can use that as an advanced playlist. (remember that thing i wanted a long time ago) but please dont take us back to waiting all day for paids.
or just scrach it all together whatever u want to do.

today was a really great job Anet great freaking job.

best mes (World)

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We’re here and we’re watching the forums. We’ll keep looking for ideas/suggestions.

We have a lot of other stuff planned, but we’re looking forward to the results from this test!!!