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Was playing fractals with a random group in the volcanic one. We got to the final boss when all of sudden some of us stepped into the lava that pops up from the floor. 2 of our party members avoided it while the rest got trapped.

Now we died… however the lava effect was not going away. We were taking -4200 dmg per second. At the end we all died and restarted from the checkpoint. But at this point as soon as we rezzed we died immediately as the lava effect was still on going. Even after we died we were still being burn to our horrible death. our allies couldn’t rez us because the burning was still on us.

So we left the fractal only to find out.. WE WERE STILL ON FIRE. Group fell apart because we had to wait 1 HOUR for the effect to ware off. Once we reached LA it was gone. But i do expected some compensations for destroying my armor for not letting us complete the fractals.

This pic shows that we had the lava affect on but i wasnt able to take a pic while the mouse was hovered over it to shows its duration.

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Thanks, it’s being worked on right now.