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When I logged in today, the game was, well, blurry. Like a video shot slight off focus. Which resulted in a headache after 5 min online. It doesn’t seem to be there on “best performance”(but…can’t be sure, was already feeling sick when I checked it), but, frankly, the game looks horrible like that and I want my fluff. Is there a particular tab in the options that’d focus it better?

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Hi TWMagimay – This could be a couple of things. You can reset your in-game settings by deleting the local.dat file and then following up with a repair. Your local.dat file is generally located at Documents\Guild Wars 2 or just in your Guild Wars 2 folder if you’re using Windows XP.

Additionally, I’d even suggest a clean installation of your video card drivers if you haven’t tried this already, in addition to a re-installation of DirectX.

Without seeing any system diagnostic information, however, this is just what I think could be the issue here.