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Omg what did you guys do too this guy. Grenth is without doubt the hardest monster in game with a 1 hit kill of everyone in his kill zone. Surely you guys can’t be that serous that one boss can wipe 30 players in 1 kill ?

we did manage after 30 mins and alot of rezing from allmost everyone in map, but really hard enough with the wraiths that you have too lure into an area without getting smashed by the boss in 1 hit when there is so much aoe going on .trying to res someone is a joke as well because of the stuck affect when rezing , you try and res ,red circle of death appears, and before you can stop the res you are another body laying watching the world go round .

Also I don’t know if its an area affect or not but necro’s skill- sig of undeath won’t res a person let alone the 3 that its spouse to so could you check that out as well

cheers and ty ohh ps a waypoint near this would have been a nice addition

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Thank you for the reports! We’re working on this issue and hope to have a fix soon™!