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Regional FlagGiver's 10% Condition Duration doesn't work.Source
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As topic said, Giver’s Condition Duration doesn’t work. Tested it with Enfeebling Blood (10s Bleed Duration). I removed all my bleed increasing traits such as Hemophilia and gear. Got two Giver’s in Main Hand and Off-Hand (Scepter+Dagger).

Used Enfeebling Blood on random mob in Cursed Shore several times, no increase above 10seconds in the duration of the bleeds.

With all my gear and hemophilia (15% from Rune of the Krait and 20% from Hemophilia).

I calculated that the duration would be:
10*1,15*1,20 = 13,8 or
10*1,35 = 13,5
This seems to be working properly.

With 2x Giver’s these calculations would be one out of four:
10*1,10*1,10*1,15*1,20 = 16,698
10*1,55 = 16,5
10*1,10*1,15*1,20 = 15,18
10*1,55 = 15,5

I do not see an increase above 13 seconds in any of the cases.

Could we please get some information and possibly a fix on this?

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We’re tracking this bug, but don’t have an ETA on a fix, yet. Thank you for your continued patience!