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Hello, everyone. I was very excited with this new update today, mainly to see the changes that occurred in The Fractals of The Mists. Well, I was just now doing the daily 30 when our group took the Dredge Fractal, we completed it normally, but when we face the Elemental Boss we get frustrated because he is with a new skill that kitten our whole party. The point is that you can not dodge that skill, he just put a symbol behind you and tick agony. The skill is similar as the Ice Svanir Boss, but if you touch the symbol you get hit by agony. Its just ridiculous and discouraging the way u cannot do nothing, just waiting to die.
Ultimately I’m just showing my disappointment with this change. I believe that the update would leave the system fractals more challenging to do, not impossible like this on higher levels.

Thank you for the attention, and sorry for my bad english.

Good game for all !

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Hey Everyone.

I am currently looking into this issue and you can rest assured his agonizing ways will be remedied.

Seriously though, I investigated this when I arrived this morning and have pinpointed the issue and am working on an active solution.

Thanks again,


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is this still happen after the new update?


“Fixed a bug where players were stricken with Agony even when they avoided the Ice Elemental’s AoE ice storm”

This update has fixed this issue.