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I had quit playing several months ago after I got hacked and lost all my gold. I finally decided I would give this game another shot, reinstalled it today and was talking to some friends that I play League of Legends with and was planning on playing on their server, but come to find out I can’t unless I pay for it? Are you freaking serious?

This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Seriously Anet, you really need to rethink this and make it an option for people to transfer if they don’t have any characters on their account or something. I would delete my level 80 thief in a heartbeat if I was able to transfer to the server that my friends play on, but I for one refuse to pay ~$25 for a service that was free up until yesterday.

It’s kinda kittenty to come back to a game and find out that if you started playing a day earlier you would have been able to transfer without having to pay ~$25. It honestly makes me regret reinstalling this game.

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Hello everyone.

Deulon, thank you very much for your feedback. Since this is not really an issue that deals with an account problem, we will proceed to close the thread.

Thanks for your understanding.