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Hey guys.

i’m kind of lost, so I’d like a little clarification.

I am currently at level 16.

Let’s imagine I am the top level in the group, others are 1, 5, 8 and 12.

So I launch fractal with this group, I assume the whole group will be 16, with difficulty 16, agony and all that.

Now will people 1 and 5 have bonus reward too since they’re impairs? if they do I understand they will have their own level kind of reward.

Will everybody gain a level in fractal?

Now let’s still say I’m 16. I’m playing with a 30, 11, 3, 24

Will we be able to chose the level we want to play? Say we choose level 10 for easyness, will level 30 and 24 still have bonus reward such as pristine? I think I understand they’ll get rewards based on the current level right?

Thanks for your help, I’m kind of lost and would like to do fractals with people of very low levels, but still I don’t really want to lose pristine or ascended rings.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for all your comprehensive answers. Since the question has been already resolved, we proceed to close the thread. Thanks again!