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“Dynamic Leveling — Loot Scaling

" Attribute calculations for dynamic level scaling have been rebalanced. In general, this means weaker when adjusted down, stronger when adjusted up. Rewards when adjusted down have been increased to compensate. It is now possible to receive your own level of loot from any level of enemy."

I am NOT finding this to be true. I am in the Plains of Ashford today with a level 80 character. Loot is as expected for crafting (level 1) drops but other items have been predominately level 6.

Yesterday, I was in Gendarran Fields with the same level character. Loot drop was compatible with the area level (25-35) NOT my character level.

BTW: This tune has + 67% magic find.

I also agree that it is very easy to kill these low level enemies.

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There’s a random chance that it will drop high level loot instead of the standard loot. It’s not 100%.