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Hi everyone,

I have attempted this dungeon path several times over the past month, and each time we fail at the same spot : Dwayna.

After the recent update, I had a hope she would be easier with the sparks change, but it really didn’t do anything for the fight. Now, I’m not here just to complain “Waah I can’t do it! Help!”. I want to explain in detail how frustrating this boss is.

Let’s look first of all at other dungeons. Every single path, be it story or explorable, of every dungeon is do-able with a pick up group. Some paths require coordination (Sorrow’s Embrace p1) and some are harder than others, but really all of them are do-able. If you look at the other paths in Arah, they are all relatively difficult but really you can finish them with an OK team, you don’t need perfect builds and such.

Now let’s look at Arah p4 :
The path is slightly harder than most, with Grenth also being an annoying fight (the first part anyway), but it’s only when you get to Dwayna (Simin) that it really becomes unfair.

The last party I had just now was perfectly coordinated. 3 DPS warriors with berserker gear, 1 person on tear/doing a bit of DPS when he could, and we were running the sparks in around 10-15 seconds max. We even used the 4/5 trick, where you pre-place sparks and let her heal to max so you only need to place 1 spark next time.

No go.

Not even close in fact. We only got her down to around 30% once and maybe 35-40% the rest of the time.

In total I have fought Dwayna for about 12 hours if not more. Each time we became more and more coordinated, adjusted our builds to DPS as much as possible, tried different spots (although it’s pretty clear the best place to fight her is on the south wall so you don’t mess up Spark aggro, we tried fighting her in the middle or outside the cave too), etc. Each time we failed in the same way.

I have no idea what we are expected to do better here. Almost everyone I see with Dungeon Master had completed this path when you could hit her when she was stealthed.

I don’t understand how this fight is supposed to be fun. It’s not even challenging, it’s incredibly tedious. It’s a DPS check 1.5-2 hours into a dungeon —- and it’s not a normal DPS check, it’s a ridiculous one. I’ve been in more than 1 team that was well coordinated, with well geared players all geared towards DPS that still couldn’t down her.

I check gw2lfg.com for groups, and I often see people offering to pay 5g or 10g per person just to get a group to beat her! That is NOT NORMAL!

Please, do something. Make her heal 1/3rd of what she does now and she will still be difficult for inexperienced players. The path will still be long so people will still run p2/3 instead. Anything really, to make he possible.

Once you understand the fight mechanics, you SHOULD be able to beat her, but that really isn’t the case.

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I recently changed the spark behavior in this latest patch – they should follow much better now. I noticed this thread was created yesterday, so I’m wondering if folks feel the sparks are still behaving badly? I watched our QA do it a few times and the behavior seemed to operate much better than it was before.

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Hey folks, sorry about not having posted in here for a while! But update time!

I took another look at Simin after the spark AI fix, and got more feedback concerning the difficulty. The sparks were a step in the right direction, but it wasn’t enough. I’m going to reduce her stealth healing this time around while I consider other possible changes. As it stands right now she has some nice mechanics with the tears and the spark running, which emphasizes the teamwork we like to see. However all that aside, her healing turns it from a fun mechanics fight to a more hard-nosed DPS check for even the most mechanically skilled groups.
Personally I would much rather see people having fun with mechanics than having meet a DPS check. Considering also there isn’t a visible meter to check your group DPS versus her healing, groups can spend hours doing this and reaching the same result, despite meeting the mechanical skill threshold.

I will eventually change her stealth mechanic so she doesn’t heal during it and instead does something else (like an enrage moment where she is invulnerable), but for now I’ll just take her healing down a peg to reduce the DPS needed to overcome the fight, so people can enjoy the mechanics of it.


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Personally, I want more difficulty in dungeons, not easier dungeons that everyone can beat. And no, false difficulty from Agony in FotM doesn’t count. Fractals are no harder than any other dungeon, while some Fractals are arguably easier than some other dungeons.

I agree that more difficulty would be better, but a DPS check really isn’t difficulty in my opinion. It’s a mechanic, sure, but after you learn all her mechanics its just down to raw numbers, and I don’t agree that is as fun as running sparks and using tears to cleanse people. Right now Simin just forces you to bring high DPS with you, which I’m not a fan of. Its a tough fight for the wrong reason, and her core mechanics should be more emphasized, not her health bar.

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She’s still going to heal while stealthed, I’m not removing that mechanic entirely – just making it less intense. I’d rather not go into the numbers, but you will still need to DPS. You will still need to do good spark runs or she will heal herself up and punish you for it. Groups not knowledgeable of the mechanic and not coordinating will still find this fight very difficult if not impossible because the mechanic still exists. It’s just not as brutal for those who learn it and know what they are doing, and can perform properly.

I think the threshold for a victorious fight should be knowledge and execution of mechanics. Difficulty should come from how flawless we want that execution to be (how forgiving it is to not be perfect), not how many times you should repeatedly execute it.