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since the update my daily has been messed up when it was first updated i got the daily revive and dodge. maybe an hour later a new update came and my daily changed again after the update and i was told by guild mates that my daily was not right. then later on in the day it changed back to daily revive and daily dodge . so i try to go and gt my daily today and it will not let me get daily revive or daily kill variety. so now this is day 2 i havent been able to complete my daily achievement to get my rewards if i could get some help from the devs or someone would be great. message me in game scarface.1294 or message me on here please help me asap thank you

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Make sure your computer is set to the correct date/time/time zone. There’s a bug where it will display the list of dailies based on your system time, even though it won’t let you complete dailies from other days.