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Regional FlagHow do the FotM rewards work after the 1/28?Source
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Hello everyone.

I’ve got a question for you cause I’m a bit confused. Being able to participate in any Fractals level made the rewards system of the dungeon rather complex, so I would like to clear up some things in my mind.

Let’s say we’ve got a group that goes like this: 2, 3, 10, 22, 34. (as of Fractals levels)

The group decides to enter a level 10 Fractal chain. This one is going to feature the bonus Fractal in the end. Who of the party participants is going to get a daily chest? If all of them acquire one is it going to count as a 1-9 daily or as a 10+ one? (a.k.a. provide a pristine relic). What goes for the participants whose reward level is 22 and 34 accordingly? Does their reward scale down to that of level 10?

Thanks in advance to all of those who are going to reply. Our community rocks!


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Hello everyone.

Since the OP got the answer to the question, we proceed to close the thread.
Thanks for your input and contributions!