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It feels like there is such a small amount of people in each map, yet there are queue times?

Just wondering if I wasn’t alone here.

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Hi all,

Queues are per map, per team – so there is a queue for TC players on the Eternal Battlegrounds and a different queue for TC players on each Borderlands, and a different queue for each of the other teams on each of the maps.

During the time it takes for players to change maps it is possible for there to be a queue even if there are less players in a map than the maximum capacity because the players taking up those empty slots are still “in flight” between maps. It’s also possible for a slot to take a while to fill if e.g. people see the queue pop, wait until the progress bar for the automatic transfer is almost empty, and then choose to renter the queue. At that point the system will move on and look for other players to fill that slot but all of that takes a bit of time. We’ve watched the queue numbers a lot and generally it’s only a few slots that are in this reserved state at any time.

Just to be sure I ran a quick database query for the last few days and all the queue numbers look quite reasonable.

So I don’t know where in the map those players are when you’re looking for them, but they’re definitely in there somewhere!