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It really makes me wonder how the idea got through…

I mean, if I was in a meeting where people got asked for ideas on how to make/improve a cool legendary bow and somebody came up with that, I’m pretty sure every single person present would be 100% sure he was joking, laugh pretty loud and then, after the laughter wore off, go on: “Ok. Ok. Let’s start with the ideas.”

Now to witness that kind of thing actually making into the game made me sad. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of the development. It even sparks my dark imagination on trying to figure how somebody can actually convince other people to implement that into a game like GW2.

Now Reddit people downvoted me for not liking it, so I guess I’m the minority.

Now a request: If GW2 is going to become more and more a “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” bullkitten in the future, please tell me in advance so I can start looking for a more “for real” MMORPG already.

Come on… Quip was already a bad joke. I felt bad just because it even exists in this game. Now this… Poor me.

Sorry for the rudeness. I’m too passionate about this game being such a masterwork piece of art. I couldn’t stand the unicorn thing… Really sorry.

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Hello everyone,
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