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I enjoyed dungeons despite the communities general distaste for them, this waypoint fiasco has actually ruined this for me, I did Sorrow’s Embrace story mode for the first time today after doing 75% of the damage to The Iron Forgeman I dodge rolled into the lava, I died and for the next 10 minutes I sat there as my group dealt the last 25%. I didn’t get to see the fruits of my labor, all I could see was the fragments of the boss that floated away underneath the lava, I then had to use a waypoint and run back to my group.

I can’t use a waypoint while alive while a party member is in combat, is this intended?

What is the general consensus of this change? I’ve noticed far fewer people on “gw2lfg” since the patch.

My personal opinion is that the developers felt that “res-rushing” wasn’t intended and isn’t how they wanted players to play through their content but it’s better than no one playing their content is it not?

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I’ll look into making a safety net for the iron forgeman fight if you die in the lava. Thanks for letting us know.