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Hi, i have a huge problem with my character. Today my daily is events gathering crafting kill variety and healer. Gathering, healing, events works no problem. But crafting and kill doesnt. I tried everywhere: dungeon, different maps… but kill variety is still at 0. As for crafting, i leveled up cooking and started armorsmith and crafting is still at 0.
What is the problem is dont understand, please help me somehow.
Thank you.

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Crafting and kill variety are not part of today’s dailies. Check your computer clock and make sure the date/time/timezone are all correct. There’s currently a bug where the game is using your computer time to determine which dailies to display, but the correct (server) time is used to actually track them. So if your clock is off, it will display dailies from a different day. Some of them might be the same as the actual dailies, so you can advance them, but you won’t be able to complete the others.