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So now, when we know about new ascended items (amulets) I start to worry.

ANet was stating over and over again that they want us to play in our own way, but they’re limiting our builds with new ascended items that do not get all attributes variations. It was true before they released ascended items. Exotic sets varied alot and you could made your build around it. At the moment there are 18 different attribute variations, but for example we can get backpieces in ONLY 5 possible variations – this number is overwhelming, because it clearly shows how much our choice is limited if we want to get the best stats possible.

The same thing goes with ascended amulets and rings. I was really looking forward to this update, because I was anticipating new variations of rings to be added as well. The lack of these stats hurt alot of builds. For now there are ONLY 6 attributes – Soldier, Wayfarer, Cavalier, Rabid, Berserker and Celestial. With the new amulets. that may not fit our builds, we are deprived of 4 items of our builds. Lack of Cleric, Rampager, Knight and so on, and so on clearly hits many players.

Does ANet want us to change our builds? Do they prioritise some builds over the others? Should we start to change our builds now and get accustomed to the new way of playing? And last, but not least, am I the only one who’s feeling that ANet is heading in the wrong direction?

What are your thoughts about the whole situation?

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We do plan on adding more stat combo to existing ascended item types as well as adding more stat combos to new types.

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