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I thought it was only me but 5 of my friends lost it too.

It happened after patch of 1/28/12.

We tried everything from restarting the game muting game, reinstalling audio drivers, still no sound.


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Hello there Nanorin. Thank you for the report. I’m sorry that you and your friends are having trouble with the sound in the game. Could you answer a few questions for me? Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

Did you ever have this problem before the patch?
Did you ever have sound in the game after the patch?
In the Sound Options, have you checked all of the volume faders to make sure that nothing is set to the far left?
Will sound come back if you move the Sound Quality slider in the Sound Options panel or click the “Restore Defaults” button?

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Interesting, so you are experiencing sound in the game, it is just very, very quiet.

This begs the question (and this will assume that you are running Windows 7):

While running Guild Wars 2, if you right-click the speaker icon on the Windows task bar and select “Open Volume Mixer,” does it show the volume level for Guild Wars 2 being drastically lower than the other volume levels? (See attached screenshot)

If so, turn that baby up!

If not, then another solution will have to be devised.