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So I was in Orr yesterday trying to get all 3 zones completed. I completed “cursed shore” firs because I was already there. Got a reward of some items, and exotic, and so on. Went over to malcor’s leap . Completed. Got my reward.

Went to the “straits of devistation”. Completed, but whats this, I got no rewards. Double checked the zone mad showing I had all of the POI, Vistas, and way points. I scoured the zone to make certain I hadn’t failed to discover an area.

So I sent in a ticket ( [Incident: 130130-001707] ) and had 4-5 back and forths of suggestion from CS. I zoned out and back in. I double checked the zone, I logged off then on. Nothing. I took screen shots at the CS request.

In the end, my final reply is :
*"*Thanks for contacting the Guild Wars Support Team.

While I would like to grant you the map completion chest, the Guild Wars Support Team is unable to replace map rewards in-game.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns."

Has this been an ongoing problem? Have others not been getting rewards? Why can we see that karka event players and what not can get rewards post problems, but others cannot? Honestly it is no great or significant loss. I do not ask for free stuff, but whenever reasonably possible, I do expect what I earned. If it is truly not possible for me to receive my rewards, I have no serious issues with that, and I will go on enjoying my game. But before I can do that, I want to exhaust all my option, and ask here on the forums if others have had this type of issue, if the got it resolved, and how?

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You were given an honest answer: We cannot grant you the chests.

This is not a common issue. This is not an ongoing problem. There are major differences between the Karka Chest situation and your individual issue. The same answer would apply to anyone in a similar situation.

Given there really nothing that forums members can tell you and in fact this isn’t an Account Issue, so I’m going to close the thread.