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4 actually. But I did complete the first day. However it reset in the afternoon after which I cannot complete anymore. Everyday, 2 out of the 5 categories will be bugged. There is no pattern to which particular ones, but always 2 out of the 5.

Submitted a tix and no reply. Already 3 laurels down and not sure when you guys are gonna fix it. This is not a farm-able currency. Everyday I can earn only 1 and every month 10. And each day I fail to complete is a laurel short. I am not sure if you are aware how scarce this currency is.

Fix it. Soon. Please.


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Check your computer’s date/time/time zone. There’s a bug where the game will display the dailies based on your computer’s time, even if the day is incorrect. (The clock might be on PM instead of AM, or set to another time zone, etc.) For example, today’s dailies are:
Kill Variety
Daily Healer
Daily Crafter
Daily Gatherer
Daily Events

If your list is different, check your computer time. Note that you might have to restart the game after setting your clock.