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Ever since the patch all I read now in guild chat, on the forums, map chat, and in dungeon groups is people talking about DR bug and how they are not getting any loot. It’s getting annoying actually, mainly because the real reason is for some reason ANET stealth nerfed loot drops. Apparently they do not want people to play this game anymore.

Really its brilliant, actually. If I was a self proclaimed company of gamers run by gamers, I would want my time freed up for Elderscrolls Online Beta also. So really no surprise on my part. What gamer is not getting so pumped up for this upcoming release? What else can explain how ANET continuously drops the ball and disappoints their players? I say grats and thanks you for making my decision to switch games a no brainer.

Keep in mind this is coming from a player that has logged 2000+ hours of GW2 and despite all the disappointments still considers GW2 the best game I’ve ever played. Just mind blown by how ANET continually makes ridiculous decisions.

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Other than adjustments to Orr rewards (as covered in the release notes) the only change made in this patch to over-all loot was allowing high level characters who are playing in lower level zones the opportunity to earn top level gear to provide greater rewards. (as also covered in the release notes)

There are no “stealth nerfs”, any changes will be covered directly in the release notes, of which there are none.