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…I’ve learned the following truths:
– every class is underpowered
– every class is overpowered
– every class is bugged to the point of unplayable
– there’s too much grind
– there’s nothing to do
– gear doesn’t matter
– gear means everything
– rewards should be easily obtained
– rewards should be hard-won
– WvW is a boring zerg-fest
– WvW is the measure of a server’s worth

Did I miss anything? About the only thing you guys seem to agree on is that Trahearne is an insufferable git. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the game a bad one and the only reason you guys stick around is to punish yourselves for some crime/sin you’ve committed. These forums are a case study in argumentum ad populum. I just hope the developers have a deaf ear to the cacophony coming from the peanut gallery. Seriously, folks, do try to enjoy yourselves when playing games.

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Hi everyone,

We’ll close this thread as it doesn’t invite to a constructive discussion.

Thank you for your understanding.