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Regional Flagsome daily achievements still buggedSource
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Today the veteran slayer achievement wasn’t getting credit when I killed veteran mobs. It took about 14 (yes) veteran kills for me to make the 5 required to finish my daily. After the daily reset, the achievements are exactly the same (veteran slayer, aquatic slayer, daily healer, daily gathering and daily events) and the veteran slayer is still not getting credit. About half the ones from the earlier try were in Cursed Shore (though 6 were not and 4 of those I did solo) and the possibility of the zerg and other characters getting credit is understandable. Now after the reset I solo two veteran mobs in Diessa Plateau (veteran minotaur and veteran devourer) and there were no players anywhere around and guess what? NO credit toward the daily. But gathering, healer and events are done fine. What is going on? I made a ticket last week about getting 100% map completion in Cursed Shore and getting NOTHING for it. No chest, no nothing, but it hasn’t been answered yet. A few days before I got an empty chest in Bloodtide Coast. I’ve been hit with various other bugs in the past month.

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