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I was nagged to ask. I deleted Porag from my account of Porag which my only toon. I was wondering if Porag can be re-instated.

If not that is fine since I did it myself in a fit of rage and should pay the consequences.

I am starting on another guardian and my bank has all my stuff in it from Porag which shocked me. The only thing I really miss is my Karma gear.

So if there is any way to bring back Porag I would be greatful, but if not I perfectly understand. If there is a fee for this I do not mind either.

Also I was not sure if this is the correct forum if I am in the wrong place I apologize and be thankful if someone point me out tot he correct one.

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Hello everyone.

Although we are sorry to hear this, Porag, there is not really an opportunity here of reinstating your deleted character. It was an unfortunate event, no question about that, but a personal mistake and not something motivated by an in-game error or bug. Thank you for your understanding.