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My account was taken and all Items and Gold are gone. I am 99% sure I have no keylogger (never can be 100%) I don’t buy gold from the bots, I don’t give personal information. Basically I aint falling for a banana in a tail pipe. But none the less, tried to log in, password was changed, reset and changed it, finally…I have a set of green gear. No other chars… no crafting mats, no gold. They even spent my Karma and Laurels. Hell even my friends list was empty except a new one. PoBackenJo.4021. This is not an account I know. Why can’t someone in your “Security” look at my account and find out where my gold was sent and at the very least ban that account and all accounts associated with it?

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Hello everyone.

We are sorry to hear of this episode, Wick. If your account was compromised and hacked we are offering a roll-back (once per account). You can check more details about it and how to proceed in the following link. Remember that if your ticket goes for more than three days unanswered, you can always put your reference number in the sticky for old tickets and it will be taken as a priority.