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Hello, its not a major problem im just wondering if anyone else has this same issue and maybe if they have solved it.

My real email appears after my name in both guild tab and in my contacts.

I dont really want my email, which should only appear in my account tab, in the GW2 site, to appear in-game. afterall what was the point of giving us nicknames with the four digits after them? I am the only one in my guild and contacts that has their real email appeared after their name.

I did send a report through the game support but just wanted to try the forums as well.

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Hello everyone.

Since there is already a thread going on around this issue (Gaile Gray is taking care of your reports), we proceed to close this one and encourage you to keep an eye on the other.

In any case, we are aware of this issue and looking into it; it has been assessed as something that is not a major issue of concern as far as security goes.

Thanks for your understanding.