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Is it “allowed” ?
Funny question really.
As i see it,since i bought a game account off of Anet, i get to do what ever i please with it, including selling it.
Just like someone would buy any kind of materiel commodity at a store.

Am i correct in this matter?
I’m asking since i’m tired of the balance issues in the game in the extent that i don’t enjoy playing it for the sole sake of PvE. I wish to sell it to get some of my investment back.

Should i expect the future owner of my account to get some kind of punishment?
Does anyone know a place where you can post such offers?

Thank you. And please do not see this as a negetive post – i have loved this game since release but see no future with it.

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The buying, selling or trading of a Guild Wars 2 account is in violation with the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement.