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I have a question about a support policy. Why does an “inappropriate name” violation result in a 72 hours suspension on your first “violation”? I can see some wildly inappropriate names result in such a punishment, but I just received a ban for the name “Walakitten”, which is about as benign of a naming violation as they come.

I will admit that by the strict letter of the law, this name is probably a violation of the TOS. Upon further investigation, however, you can see that I have played under this name for a number of months and for many hours; it shares the name root as many of my character as well as my display name: Walabone. It is not much of a stretch to imagine how I threw an “r” at the end of my alt.

Now, I will accept a required name change happily and I will accept my punishment. If someone truly has an issue with my character’s name, I am happy to change it; however, I’m not sure why I need a 72 hour suspension to think over the error of my ways in this case. Would not a simple note requesting that I change my name suffice? The punishment here does not fit the crime.

Moreover, after putting many hours over many months of work onto this character, there is no solution to my violation. It is not as if my in-game behavior was inappropriate and I needed to settle down; that is a problem that can be actively corrected by the player. A naming violation is different. I have no way to change an “inappropriate name”. Say, I was warned by a friend, who had better knowledge of the TOS than I, that my name could be construed as inappropriate, I have absolutely no recourse for correcting this issue without losing all of my character progress.

I do not think that it is just to ban someone for their first and only character violation when tools are not in place for you to correct this violation. I believe the current system, now that I’ve experienced it first hand, is arbitrary and unjust. Until players have the tools to correct potentially inappropriate names without the negative side effects, a player should be issued a warning e-mail or in-game mail notifying him/her of the name that was flagged as inappropriate and be given the opportunity to change the name. All of this can be accomplished amicably with little confrontation (if there is confrontation then that would be an appropriate time to place a suspension). I respectfully request that this issue be taken into consideration. The current policy is simply unfair in its current form.

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I don’t consider your name “benign.” It’s not “probably” a violation of the UA and the Naming Policy, it is one! The name is not the worst in the world, that’s true. But it’s not a harmless name that wouldn’t be noticed by players; and clearly it was noticed because the name was reported to us.

Now, you seem to want to make a distinction between a poor name choice and a poor choice in in-game behavior. I don’t draw such a fine line. Because a poor name choice is undesirable in-game behavior.

Remember that display names are not filtered, no matter the filter settings chosen by a player. Display name and character names are “out there” for everyone to view. That is why we take poor choices seriously. And don’t error in believing we don’t have the tools to take care of this issue. We could rename the character in a flash but we are showing consideration by allowing you to do it. Had you contacted Support to discuss the possibility of this being across the line prior to the action, we would have worked with you. But you did not.

The “warning” to which other players have expressed an entitlement is already present: in the User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct, which every player views and accepts before playing the game. At the point they breach either of those things, then the outcome is forewarned in the Conduct Breaches and Outcomes document. All found here.