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So, I’m a huge fan of the game. I played it in early beta and I’ve really enjoyed levelling, the dungeons, and endgame. Due to work though, I’ve had to move from North America to Europe. This means my play time has been reduced lately. However, now I’m settled once again in a new place… I get the internet up and running and… wonderfully I log in to GW2 for the first time in a while.

Only to discover that I need to pay 1800 gems to relocate to a European server. Really?! This seems just incredibly ridiculous! I can imagine putting the fee that high to discourage people from swapping servers too often for PvP reasons or something, but in my case it’s a simple relocation to a new time zone. I don’t even care which server I move to, as long as it’s in Europe.

Count me as a very disappointed customer, after being a long time enthusiast for the game.

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I am sorry that you were surprised by this. We’ve always made it clear that free transfers would be limited, and that at some time there would be a cost in gems for transferring. We announced changes in early January, and put them in effect on 29 January.

Please note that there are other, less costly options for you than the 1800 gem cost that you cited. And note that you can earn the wherewithal to accomplish the transfer in the game.