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Dungeon Chests

He was cut. Blood pouring from his shoulder. GL laughed, starting to swing for his next attack. The guardian brought forth a wall of reflection saving him from the final blow that would end his life. He remembered the virtues he was thought during his training as a Guardian. He was back in the fight. Swing after swing the two foes continued. War raged outside in Orr, but none of them had a single second to give it a thought. He killed it. A magnificent chest spawned. The chest stood in a ray of light. Gold crusted edges and wood even kings would treasure. The guardian stepped forward to open the chest. In it he found the blue level 76 rampager cloth shoulders he had so fought so very hard for. He was pleased. He took out his salvage kit. He got a silk scrap. He had defeated a foe more terrifying than the dragons themselves. He held the silk scrap triumphant over his head. All the work. The blood. The sacrifices. It was worth it!

So ArenaNet. Your chests look and sound like something that will reward the player. The problem is when you open it. Please just remove blue gear from it atleast. Its just a slap in the face. Give us a chance of getting (in this order) money – dungeon potions – few tokens – t6 mats – shard – core – lodestone

But just remove the blue stuff <3

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I’m Designer Hrouda, and this is my favorite thread on the forum.


That being said, we are always looking at our reward tables. I agree with you that a blue is very unsatisfying of a reward for GL and other instances. Part of our Dungeon work coming down the line is going to involve changing reward tables and whatnot, so please be patient as we work through things as fast as we can.