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I don’t know the logic behind this, i don’t even know its supposed to work like that, But..
Mesmer portal = extremely game-breaking hence people bug abuse it

i was playing paids in the new map temple of the silent storms and as usual we all start preparing for the underground buff that takes 10 seconds to get..
at 8.30 the buff spawns, we start a fight there,, and then all of a sudden a mesmer comes, activates invulnerability and then he starts channeling the buff…then he opened a portal…ported out..and when we was about to finish the cap, he ported back in, in result of capping the buff without even being there.

And i was just shocked, because i just stood there like an idiot,
One of the most important buffs in the map taken like no one was there

Mr. Jonathan Sharp.. how is this still here? Capping the buff without even being NEAR the actual buff??
I call it exploit and it should be fixed immediately

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I’m working on fixes for these types of commune related Temple issues. Though they won’t make it in until the next major patch. In the meantime, we are rotating Temple out of the paid tournament rotating, tomorrow.