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So I was bored since my computer is in the repair shop, again, and I was skimming through all the class forums and it seems that out all of them Ranger have the most threads about players complaining about their class. Sure there are 1 or 2 threads in each forum complaining about their class, but Rangers exceed that by having almost the entire front page of complaining threads.

There’s either on of two problems here:
1. The ranger community has a whole doesn’t know how to play and complain too much.

2. ANet poorly designed this class since every other class seems to be content with how their class is running.

Now what I think it is, a little bit of 1, mostly people complaining about pets being broken (except Fractals I agree they are broken there) and how they don’t compare to warriors or thieves in damage (no kitten Sherlock). However, I think it is more of 2 because there is a general consensus on this forum that isn’t seen on any other forum that the class needs some major work. Mind you that the same player population that is playing ranger could also be the same population playing the other professions as alts and there is no complaining there.

So I invite everyone who usually defends the class and argues that there is no problem at all L2P to browse through the other forums and see how a functioning class’ forum looks like, and then share your thoughts with me.

Note: I love playing this class, been playing it since BWE1 and I think I have a fairly good handle on it since I do tons of dungeons. However, I think it needs some minor tweaks that will improve the class tremendously that ANet seems scared to make.

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