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Has anyone else have this problem? _Certain things become white from certain angles. _Which makes it annoying because it becomes flashing as I run.

Most notably, the ropes in the Cliffside fractals. For level 10> fractals, we have to run through the ramp at the right side of the cliff after whacking the archdiviner for the first time. It is populated with veteran mobs. For me, it will sometimes turn white and then back and white again as I run. When I stand still and move my screen, certain angle causes it to be white.

The icicles in Snowblind fractal, that are hanging from the houses as we kill the ice elemental that is causing the blizzard, also turns white.

Certain bases of the house in Gendarran field also turns white.

I never had this problem up till a few patches ago. Does anyone else have this problem?

I am sorry for the lack of pictures and more hardware information. I am currently accessing this from my laptop. I play gw2 on my desktop. I will post more information after I get home.

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Hi StrayDilettante – This issue is currently being looked into as either a bug, or potentially a driver based issue. Could you please provide either your full system specs, or attach a DxDiag report to the thread? You can attach it by clicking “More posting & formatting options…”