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Fabio D.8976
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Dears sirs,

I have decided writing this message because I’m experiencing lag issues since the 28th January patch and quite frankly it’s becoming really annoying. Everytime there’s an event regarding flame and frost prelude game is quite unplayable: I get kicked out of the game, skills and abilities activate with a delay of 10-20 seconds and I find myself dying just after a couple of swings. The same thing happended with the lost shores event which made the game completely unplayable for days for me.

The problem is that also many guildmates, living very far from me, experience the same problems. My question is: Is there a way you can fix these problems, or at least are you aware of them and working on a solution?

Best regards

Server: Piken Square

My location: Milan, Italy

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Hi Fabio D – Lag issues are always kind of hard to look into as there are a number of different factors that can contribute to lag. More often than not it is an ISP issue though I am definitely not dismissing the fact that this could potentially be server side as well.

That being said, some troubleshooting and a bit of investigation needs to be done in order to reach a conclusion, and the best way to do this is with one on one support.

With any lag issue I always recommend players try bypassing their router and connecting directly to their modem (if able), eliminating any unnecessary start-up background applications via Msconfig (making sure to hide all Microsoft processes of course), running a Winsock reset, and even a defrag of your hard drive.

Next, we need to look at traceroutes. These will show us packet loss and ping, and generally indicate where the issue lies. Sometimes we’ll ask for a report from a third party application such as PingPlotter since it nicely illustrates a player’s connection and any latency and packet loss. To avoid running any third-party applications, we can also look at Network Diagnostic reports. You can provide this by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to your Guild Wars 2 folder.
2. Right-click on “GW2.exe” and select “Create Shortcut.”
3. Right-click on “GW2.exe – Shortcut” and select “Rename.”
4. Rename this file to “Guild Wars 2 Diagnostic.”
5. Right-click on “Guild Wars 2 Diagnostic” and select “Properties.”
6. Locate the “Target” line and add the following to the end " -diag"

Your target line should look like this: “C:\Gamse\Guild Wars 2\GW2.exe” -diag

7. Click “Ok” to save your changes.
8. Double click “Guild Wars 2 Diagnostic” to start the test.
Once completed, please click “View Results” and save the results to a text file on your desktop. Once saved, you can attach that to this thread for review.

So, I apologize for the wall of text, but this is why this issue is generally best handled through our support ticketing system.