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I have tried over 54 new passwords, all at least double the minimum length, capitals, small case, numbers and special symbols. None were accepted.

Because of my job with the government, I already have to memorize over 40 extremely strong passwords that change at different intervals from every 90 to150 days. GW2’s new password policy has become too much of a burden to continue. What a waste of time this has turned out to be.


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Please don’t quit the game!

I think perhaps I can explain what is happening. For security reasons, we don’t allow continual or too-frequent password resets. So if someone makes a typo — and that is more common than you would think — he or she needs to wait two hours before attempting another password reset.

What we’ve found over the last week or two is that people are submitting for repeated password resets within a brief period of time. If you do that within two hours of the last attempt, your effort is blocked.

I was just asked to write up new in-game messaging on this today. In the future, you will see this message: “An error has occurred. Please verify that you are entering the correct information and wait at least two hours to try again. If the problem persists, please contact support.” We think this is better and more helpful information than the previous error messages.

So, you could make sure you wait 2 hours between attempts or, if you wish, contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page.