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I’ve been playing since BWE2, and on release I picked Tarnished Coast as my home server, where I’ve been residing ever since. I’ve run a couple of small guilds in the past, but they were never particularly successful, nor did they have much endurance. I wanted to give it another shot in GW2. I’m an RPer, so making an RP guild was a natural choice. We have been successful for six months, but over the course of the last month we went from a very healthy active population to an almost completely inactive population, presumably due to me being much less active due to school.

What follows is some background, skip to the end for the TL;DR and my primary question.

It had a basic historical background, but as a rule I dislike setting up story arcs for guilds ahead of time – I prefer dynamic growth rather than sticking to a fixed path. One thing that I did differently which was very important in setting the tone of the guild was how I handled officers.

In short, there were none. Instead, out of character we were a totally flat organization with task-oriented delegates who handled the various jobs that would ordinarily be for an officer. In other words, we didn’t have a recruitment/administration officer, but we did have someone who enjoyed doing that sort of thing who would do it just because. They were a delegate for that role, and I had other roles as well, such as events coordinators and whatnot.

I think this helped give everyone a sense of camaraderie that is sometimes lacking in guilds with rigid structures. Everyone was on the same level and there was no bickering or drama.

Unfortunately, no matter how many people I recruited, the story was the same: I was only ever able to find two people who were at all willing to actually help out with running the guild. This was baffling to me, because part of our recruitment process was that you had to actually engage with us in a guild event in order to actually join the guild. That meant that you were willing to participate and were at least somewhat invested in the guild.

We’ve had an average of 50 people in the guild at any one time from about October through today. I would periodically cull the people who were inactive for a period of months without warning. If you include those people, and the ones that left of their own accord or the half dozen or so I kicked because they weren’t working out, that means that I recruited something on the order of 80 people or so personally, with about another ten or so being friends brought into the guild by current guildmembers.

Compared to some of the many hundreds of people strong megaguilds out there, those are small numbers, but we didn’t mass recruit. Each of those people was personally contacted by me, or applied to the guild on hearing about us in game or through out of game channels, and then spoken to and vetted by me and the current guild members. They then participated in guild events in order to complete their application.

Because I wasn’t getting any help from the guild, I was forced to do the lion’s share of the work myself. Administration, organization, guild RP events, guild dungeon runs, guild WvW runs. With the exception of a few events which were hosted by guild members, I did everything. I’m in college though, and my workload this semester has been such that I haven’t been able to keep up with my usual two to three RP events a week plus dungeons and so on, and interest in the guild by its members has declined steadily as I’ve become more distant.

When I log in on Friday and Saturday night, instead of seeing ten to fifteen people online with only a couple not representing, I now see eight people tops with no one representing. Even our core members have moved on to other things.

TL;DR: So here’s my question: I’m reasonably certain that if I was able to get some more people to actually help and participate in the day to day running of the guild as well as running events and so on, I would not have this issue of inactivity and the guild evaporating before my eyes while I’m helpless to do anything because of real-life obligations. So how do I find these people? Is there a recruitment tactic I’m unaware of that would give me better odds of finding motivated people to help? Am I just going to have to put up with it and rebuild once summer starts and I’m free again?

Thanks for reading! Your comments and suggestions are all welcome.

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Good news, everyone! We’ve got a bunch of guild content coming up in the February update:


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Influence is still in use, however, it can be earned through relatively unremarkable actions such as simply logging in. Completing the new guild content will require the skill and coordination of your guild, so we have made special rewards deserving of that feat.

Also, influence is a shared currency, whereas the merits are earned both on the guild and personal level. There will be more information soon.