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So right now i have a serious issue. By now we already know that GW 2 alienated most of the GW 1 playerbase.

I wonder tough and i might get a ban for wording this so hard. What the kitten went trough the dev teams brains, when they implemented better gear that you cant get for a certain time period.

The charm of GW is and was that you could swap builds on the fly. Here? Oh you want to use the best gear with your build? Well you have to farm for at least 20 days now. And nope cant get it faster because there is a limit on how many laurels you can get per day. So if i grind an amulet for 20 days and at the end i want to swap my build, well guess what another 20 days, lets not even think about gearing a second character. I wouldnt mind it if those were only items that looked better, but no, these are items that have plain better stats.

I never really got into WoW because of this gear threadmill, but atm, it feels like it would be better to go play WoW as they handle the threadmill better at least.

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This conversation is running in circles. There are also multiple other threads discussing the same topic. So i will close this.