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Hi guys,

I tried to let your support team know this but they seem hung up in a support-script loop where they want a hyjack-this dump of my PC. sigh My PC isn’t the problem guys……..but where it is located in the world is.

There is a problem with the DNS resolving for the host name referred to by your marketing email that have the “learn more” click through link using http://guildwars2.ncsoft.com/…..

This DNS name only resolves to and IP address if you are in USA, UK & Europe:
(to me this appears like a “split horizon” stuff-up since the Geo layout is precise)

I can fix the problem locally if I set my “hosts” file with guildwars2.ncsoft.com

But really, the guildwars marketing team or whoever looks after the ncsoft.com dns zone records should have a look at this. The marketing emails go out globally but you end up looking silly because there a just “a couple” of people that live outside USA, UK & Europe that could likely want to “Learn More” as your email put it.

Hope this can help you, your DNS admin or your marketing people !

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Thanks for this information. It’s really solid.

This has been forwarded on to the team responsible who also sends their gratitude.