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Dusten Rust.1987
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Hello everyone,

I’m having some graphical issues with GW2. As you can see in the screenshots below, certain buildings have white(ish) walls that constantly flicker (both inside or outside the building). I’ve noticed that oftentimes, depending on the camera position the flicker goes on or off.

I have updated to the latest Nvidia drivers (310.90), before that I was running on 310.70, but still nothing. The flickers are there on both drivers.

In a nutshell, my system is:

8GB of RAM
Nvidia GTS 450 1 GB

The game runs well besides these flickers, I have plenty of FPS (40-75) and overall, this isn’t a huge issue for me. It is annoying and I’d want to get rid of it.

Any tips?

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Perfect!! Then we proceed to close the thread. Thanks, Achrmaeiad!