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Irkm Desmet.3928
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I noticed that i have too many laurels.

As far as i understand the only way to earn them is doing dailys and monthlys. So far this month i have done 5 dailys. The monthly tracker is at about 40%.

So i should have earned 5 laurels. But my inventory says i have 9 laurels.

Yesterday it said 7 laurels. After my play session and earning the daily it said 9. I’m sure the daily screen said it only awarded one.

Is there something i am missing? Is the monthly awarding laurels piece by piece? Is there another way of earning laurels i am not aware of?

I’m not going to spend them for now. But i’m concerned that spending them would be seen as exploiting a bug.

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Hello Irkm!!

Closing the thread in 3, 2, 1… Have a nice day!