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None of the mail I get in-game is arriving. I didn’t notice at first, but like last week I logged in and after playing for a little while, suddenly I had like ten unread messages in my inbox. I went to read them and they were all notes/presents from over a month ago around christmas. Before I had a chance to look through them all I changed areas, and then they were gone again. I’ve tried logging in & out but they haven’t shown up again.

Does anyone know a way I can get my mail back? I really want to see what all my letters say & be able to get new ones. Plus my friends all think I’m a jerk because I never thanked them for all the x-mas gifts they sent me :(

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I tried deleting absolutely everything (like mail from filling hearts & event notices) but it still hasn’t shown up. I’m really not sure what the problem is, since my mail did appear for a few minutes last week! I’ll go open a ticket like you suggested, as soon as I figure out how you do that haha. Thanks!

You can follow this link and fill the ticket form for Customer Support. They will get back to you soon. In any case, we will proceed to forward this situation to the team as well. Thanks for reporting!