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i am fed up sitting in lions arch looking for fractal groups. soem days it takes me up to an hour before i find any.

its time you add a cross server fractal / dungeon finder system.

guilds i hear you cry. pah most of them do it once a day then never go back and just log off. or they dont like it.

cross server dungeon finder tool for fractals / normal / expl dungeons. once a group is formed you get ported to the dungeon.

the porting is no differnt to a pug foerming then just porting outside the dungeon so dont even try to cry about that.

id rather have a 10 min que and get a group and be able to do dungeons all day long with ppl who want to do it. then sit there and spend an hour to find ppl who only do 1 path then leave. causing more headache to find more players.

its 2013 time to get with the times people.

WoW this is just some of the games that use a dungeon finder system

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Hello everyone.

As Robert Hrouda has stated before, we are working on it and hope to have it out as soon as we can. We proceed to close the thread. Thanks for your patience.