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While I’m still farming lvl 10 dailies for those pristine tokens, I am getting the hang of dealing with most bosses’ agony attacks… except for the asura at the end of the harpy fractal. I tried blocking them with wall of reflection and spirit shield but sometimes they still sneak through and eventually down me with agony ticks. I also tried kiting him around those pillars to LoS those bolts but eventually some will catch up to me and do enough damage to kill me. I’ve never heard anyone else having trouble with him is there something I’m doing really wrong? My temporary solution is ask my team if anyone has 10 AR and hide behind them but I obviously can’t do that forever lol

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Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for all your input and comments about this. Since Wukunlin has already a great deal of suggestions for the boss, we proceed to close the thread.

Thanks again!