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Regional FlagNaked run of AC Path 3.Source
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Since the patch that prevents people from waypointing while their team is still fighting, I’ve seen a lot of threads on here saying it’s impossible to complete. Now, mind you, the guild I am in consists of a lot of weird, crazy, brainless people.. So we looked at eachother and went: Ok, we’re gnna do that without armor nao.

And so we did. Just to prove 2 points.
1) AC is still doable, even when you go full kitten
2) We’re insane.

Click here to watch the video.

Obviously, we aren’t the best of players. We didn’t even look at who would bring what profession. We all play what we enjoy. Our weapons weren’t all exotics, either. Or well, I know mine weren’t, as I’ve not had my american account for long enough yet to get her geared out. Me being in Europe on an American server means I did have delay, and I know my fellow teammates don’t all have a proper connection either. One of our other members in that run is in Australia.. Basically, what I’m trying to say.. You don’t need to be “elite” to pull this off, just a hint of insanity is enough.

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Gotta say, that’s a first time for me. Congrats on a good run, and it sounds like you all had fun doing it.
Keep up the good work!

Oh, and yes, I did fix the scream.

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Do explain.. why would you fix something that has been bugging us all, and not brag about it? I’d of jumped up from my chair if you put that in the patchnotes! Thanks a bunch for that fix ^^

I’m not in charge of the patch notes, although I did make that request for it since there was considerable attention around the bug. Some bug fixes just aren’t deemed important enough to spend resources on, and some things we simply don’t announce (like some exploit fixes). I try to keep things as transparent as I can though, but the end decision isn’t up to me.