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This community seems split by the mentality of grinding and not grinding.

There are those who love spending hours on end in FOTM and dungeoning and those that are fine with spending a few in these places not 30+. Interestingly Anet once stated many times how in this game you wouldn’t grinding for stats, and only grind for cosmetics.

In my opinion stat grinding is getting way out of hand. Fotm is a clear example of this, money grinding for stats and one could even argue dungeon grinding (since it takes in many cases over 30 runs to get a set).

Anet once also stated that they were against gear treadmills and now look what we have? With more promised to come! Personally I would be fine with them breaking their manifesto say a couple of years in. Perfectly fine on the condition one could get the ‘new gear’ just as easily as previous gear and with many different methods at that.

Anet the community you attracted to play this game feels lied to. I for one play GW1 and loved it. One of my favourite parts was NOT grinding for stats. I was content on grinding for cosmetics but even that ‘grind’ you gave us so many different options.

As of now we are generally stuck with doing A, B or C.
A being grind for gold in areas like the Tunnel in Orr.
B doing FOTM forever and ever…
C is the option of becoming an investor in the economy and hoping for an okay turnout on our investment.

Anet please at the very least address us your loyal fans and tell us what your future plans on this issue is. Or will you address it at all?

Thank you

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Hello everyone.

Revolution, while we really appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback, we’ll now close this thread as there are already other threads in this subforum that are discussing this same issue. Thanks for your understanding.