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Regional FlagSo Evolved Destroyer is a joke boss nowSource
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And Path 3 is now the fastest CoE path, we had like 5 more seconds to dps him also, so even a subpar dps group can do him in 1 cycle, pugs probably 2-3 cycles. Guess it’s good for those people who complain about things being too hard…

There’s a shortcut at the start of the video to skip to him:

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The fight wasn’t hard, at all. It’s just a tedious fight. The entire strategy revolved around repeating one set of actions over and over again for an extended time. That’s tedium, not difficulty. Reducing the time involved just hastens the inevitable and actually get people to run the path again.

Pretty spot on. The fight wasn’t overly difficult, just tediously long. We plan on revisiting this boss during our Phase 2 pass, but for now this should lower the tedium of this encounter.