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Stoney Malloney.3128
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Dear ANet,

Since nearly a week or so I have been experiencing constant lag spikes. Some of them last around 20-30 seconds and cause me to disconnect, but most of the time, I cannot interact with NPCs or objects, loot bodies, my skills have the lag of a kitten and basically, the game is unplayable.

Before we get the response this has to be client based, I can guarantee it is not. On two different systems, both specced well above the requirements for GW2 (I7-2600k + ATI HD6850 and I7-740QM + ATI HD5870M) on different locations with different ISP’s (a 20Mb and 8Mb connection respectively) I get lag that really sucks all the fun out of the game.

It does not matter where I am in the game, in busy zones, or personal storylines, the lag happens everywhere, all the time. Could you be so kind to fix this? I soon will see myself forced to play something else instead cause I find the joy to be diminishing at a very quick rate.

Thank you very much!

Edit: Server = Desolation; Disconnects occurred on Gendarran Fields during personal storyline, Cursed Shore normal zone and Lornar’s Pass normal zone.

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Thank you for the reports, everyone.

We’ve been hearing about sporadic reports of lag leading to disconnects, but they’re all on different maps and different servers. If you can let us know which server you’re seeing this on, in addition to the map name (which most of you have included) it may help us track down the root cause.

Thanks again; we hope to get this nailed down soon!

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Thank you for the details, everyone!

We believe we’ve identified the root cause behind this, and the good news is that it’s not related to your hardware, ISP, or account. Unfortunately, we’ve also determined that this is going to be an ongoing project on our end, so we don’t have an estimate on when it will be completely fixed.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.